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96% of our students applying for admission secured places at their first choice college or university!



For students living in EurAsia, East, Central and South Central Europe, Middle East, College Match Educational Consultants US is the college placement firm that takes a strategic coaching approach to help more students get into the college of their dreams. In 2008, 95% of College Match Educational Consultants clients were admitted to at least one of their top-choice colleges! Over the last 10 years, despite an increasingly competitive admissions environment, College Match Educational Consultants has made college education—at the right college—a reality for hundreds of students. To learn more, visit www.collegematchus.com.


I just really want to say thank you to you. You did a nice job with my application process. I was been accepted by three really good universities. If not for your help, I would not get into these schools as easily. I also get scholarship at one school.


N.J Shanghai, China



Our Team


College Match Educational Consultants World staff speak Russian! College Match Educational Consultants US's staff consists of former Ivy League admissions officers, counselors and admission strategists, a certified financial aid advisor, college and high school entrance exam tests tutors, performing arts advisors (dance, music, theater), and writing instructor/essay coach.


I wanted to further my study in English, preferably by keeping my exciting job at Amazon.co.jp and become more internationally marketable, so I decided to use College Match Educational Consultants service to find the best program for me and enroll successfully with professional help. Dave's service exceeded my expectation indubitably. Especially his consulting method is unique and effective.


I felt as if I was the strongest candidate already, by selecting a school with Dave because given the priorities I had, McGill was the best "match" and my statement was quite convincing, thanks to his support. Dave helped me to find my competitive advantage as an applicant and coached me how I should position and differentiate myself in the application pool. I strongly believe Dave's vast experience as a brand strategist makes the College Match Educational Consultants' offering something special and unrivaled-- and it really works!


I live in Tokyo, but wanted to enroll in a program that offers international experience and recognition. Since Dave is quite well acquainted with college education overseas and career development as a globalized workforce. His insights were extremely useful and inspiring to design my career.


Rie, MBA McGill University, Class of 2009, Tokyo, Japan



What College Match Educational Consultants Offer


Looking beyond grades and test scores, College Match Educational Consultants identifies each student's unique experiences and abilities and communicates those strengths to admissions officers. Admission consulting services include boarding school, private and public college/ university placement, study abroad, summer programs, internships and both public and private college or university placement.


It is amazing! I hired College Match Educational Consultants first semester of my senior year. I go to a very small and private high school, which doesn't offer honors and AP courses. Due to my parent's wishes, my goal is to get into top 50 schools of the nation! I worked with Jaye who amazed me by modifying my essays flawlessly and quickly that I didn't have to worry anything about my applications! I was admitted to 7 schools including, University of Michigan -Ann Arbor, University of Illinois –Urbana, University of Washington and Boston University and Babson College


Camille Y., Taipei, Taiwan



How College Match Educational Consultants Are Different


College Match Educational Consultants specializes in "strategic positioning," the process of matching a student's profile to the needs of colleges. By showing admissions officers how applicants can both benefit from and contribute to their schools, College Match Educational Consultants dramatically increases acceptance rates for its clients.


Service Packages:


Prices for College Match Educational Consultants' services range from $6,200 to $15,000 depending on the package selected, the country involved and other factors.


Admission Results:


Over the past 5 years 90-95% of all College Match Educational Consultants students have been accepted to their favorite colleges.


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